Autism Advisory Group


The ADEPT-2 study has been designed by experienced clinical psychologists and researchers, supported by members of the autism advisory group. The advisory group is made up of adults with a diagnosis of autism, carers and CBT therapists with lived experience. 

Members of the autism advisory group have an active role in study meetings, reviewing study documents and advising researchers on how study information should be shared with participants and members of the public. 


From my teenage years, right through to my 40’s, I was baffled by conventional therapy, as are many autistic people, and I am sure that its benefits were further misled by our tendency to try to ‘fit’ and become an obliging client. I have managed my own mental health difficulties with a combination of CBT and TA, and I find it very cathartic to know that this ethical issue is being researched, and would be most interested to hear the motivations of the people involved”

Chris, current member of the autism advisory group


As an autistic person I consider it a valuable opportunity to be able to help with ADEPT. The researchers are genuinely interested in my feedback on the study and have taken my comments into account for a number of study materials. I look forward to continuing my involvement as the study progresses!”

Ed, current member of the autism advisory group

My son has an autism diagnosis and I know that when he goes away to university in September he is looking forward to being independent and won’t necessarily share his concerns or anxieties with me anymore.  If he develops low mood in the future, I want there to be really good resources available to help him. Being part of the ADEPT Advisory Group is my small contribution to making this happen”

Ruth, current member of the autism advisory group


How to join the Autism Advisory Group.

If you would like to contribute to the study as an expert by experience, please contact the ADEPT-2 study team by email: .