Information for CBT Therapists

What is ADEPT-2?

ADEPT-2 is a multi-centre, randomised controlled trial for autistic adults comparing Guided Self-Help (GSH) with NHS support for depression.

The primary aim of the ADEPT-2 study is to  find out if GSH is helpful in reducing depression experienced by autistic adults.

We would also to find out if GSH is a cost-effective treatment and represents good value for money for the NHS.

We would also like to find out if GSH has an impact for family carers and supporters of autistic adults.

As part of the ADEPT-2 study, talking therapy services in participating NHS regions are being offered training materials about adapting CBT practice for autistic people. These training resources will provide information about how to adapt standard CBT practice to meet the needs of autistic adults.  

You can access the training materials using the links at the bottom of the page. You will need a password to access the training materials. This is being provided to your service and can also be obtained by emailing:

We would like to find out if the training materials help CBT therapists in their work with autistic people.

To meet this aim we are inviting therapists to complete a short online survey three times:

1) prior to accessing the training materials;

2) immediately following their access to the training resources;

3) at 16-20 weeks after the training.

The surveys will ask therapists about their experience of working with autistic people, confidence in adapting practice and perceived usefulness of CBT. You do not have to take part in these surveys to access the training materials. 

With the therapists consent, a researcher will also provide an invitation to take part in a focus group. The focus group will be held after the final 16-20 week survey.  

Access to Autism Awareness Training Materials and Therapists Surveys